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Is the honey re-ordering website for BeekeeperTom’s corporate customers.
No honey is posted, all honey is hand delivered directly to corporate premises.


Managed Beehives are about honeybee management for sustainable corporate biodiversity.
We install and manage beehives for business in select markets nationwide.

It is important we do not tolerate the loss of diversity, not tolerate extinction, not become comfortable with a slow steady loss of the things we value, but actually pull our proverbial fingers out and reverse some of those trends.

We must look at rebuilding ecosystems, regenerating biodiversity and most importantly generating that link between us, our population, our society and biodiversity that supports us on a daily basis.



BeekeeperTom is dedicated to restoring populations of our native Honeybee and encourages cessation of imports which threaten our biosecurity and native populations of honeybees.



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